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Exhibition projects

Ladies games

gallery on Elohovsky

An exhibition that brings together the work of young artists in order to rethink the image of a woman in modern society together with them. A study of a woman playing different roles at different moments in her life. The name of the exhibition refers to the rare book "Jeux de Dames" dedicated to the women of Paris, with lithographs by the leading artist of post-war France, Bernard Buffet, who was called a rival of Picasso. 

How I Became Chaos

gallery "Anvil"

A joint project of the Anvil Gallery and Universal University. Many works at first glance seem bright and sometimes playful, but the artistic descriptions of them are full of anxiety. The world familiar to us is collapsing under the influence of vague world events, and the old paradigms are leaving at high speeds, leaving no opportunity to plan anything.

FRAGILE! Caution: fragile cargo! 

One's mind gallery

The first joint project of the contemporary art gallery One's Mind and the school for artists Get Art Fit. Works by 9 participants who not only explore the possibilities of ceramics, but also experiment with other materials and mediums: textiles, sculpture, painting.  Nostalgia for a culture of tangibility, manual labor and physical interaction in the age of technological art, upcycling and recycling.


New Tretyakov Gallery

Festival of contemporary art, where contemporary and modern art are united on one platform in various areas of art: painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, digital and video art. The leitmotif was the theme of Advent - the time when summing up the past and setting goals for the next year. The festival was held with the support of the Union of Artists of Russia.

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