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Мидзару Self-shells Валерия Витвицкая художник-керамист


The Self-shells are three biomorphic sculptures of bright red color in the form of seashells with golden accents in the form of an ear, a mouth on a lock and an eye.


The work is the result of internal experiences caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Self-isolation, remote work, limited physical social contacts served as depressing factors and forced many to hide in their own impenetrable shell.


Borrowing the shape of shells that protect the soft body of a mollusk from predators, I illustrate how people protect each other being at home and use only vision, hearing and speech as communication through a digital environment. Thus, ignoring the smell, taste and touch inherent in communication in the real world, but not virtual.


The Self-shells series embodies considerations on the acute lack of physical communication and full-fledged exchange of non-verbal information, using all the senses inherent in us by nature. How we become less sensuous to each other, but more sensitive and vulnerable. The scarlet color of the sculptures symbolise the extreme point of tension and intensity, close to an emotional explosion.


The name of each of the shells refers to the eastern wisdom and the composition of 3 monkeys covering their eyes (Mizaru), ears (Kikazaru) and mouth (Iwazaru) with their paws, which represent the idea of non-doing evil and detachment from the untrue.

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