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Уран Holy Mushrooms Валерия Витвицкая художник-керамист

Holy Mushrooms

The Holy Mushrooms series consists of three figurative biomorphic sculptures of bright blue color with gold accents, shaped like mushrooms of intricate shape, not found in nature.


The work materialises images that exist only in human fantasies. The name Holy Mushrooms refers to the Greek myth of the origin of the world, to the story of how reality was created from the imagination of the Creator God. As the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth, Gaia, being the first generation of Chaos, created all life in the world.


Borrowing the form of the most ancient organisms on Earth, which reproduce by spores and recreate themselves, I reflect on the role of the artist-creator, on his ability to construct his reality. The sculptures have pronounced biomorphic and anthropomorphic features, the body of the mushroom: caps, legs, lamellae with spores.


The Holy Mushrooms series is made of fireclay, matte blue glaze and gold. Since ancient times, the bottomless blue of the sky was considered the abode of higher powers, a symbol of another eternal world, inextricably linked with divine incomprehensibility. Similarly, for Yves Klein, blue was an absolute and ideal color, which was the embodiment of spirituality and infinity. Gold accents on the surface of ceramic bodies are made with a preparation of real gold, symbolising spiritual enlightenment. It is not for nothing that in ancient mythology the first period of human achievements and the best time in the existence of mankind was called the Golden Age. Among the Sumerians, lapis lazuli was considered a sacred stone, and they said that whoever takes lapis lazuli with him takes God with him.


This work is part of a series about the materialisation of images that are born in allegorical constructions created by man. Objects invite a viewer to look into himself, to reflect and give free rein to his imagination.

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