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Artist statements

Valeria Vitvitskaya explores in her practice the peculiarities of perception of mystical images that exist only in the imagination, which materialize in reality in the form of metaphorical artifacts.


The author creates a personal mythology — a metamyph with a female face, challenging historical archetypes and ideas about femininity in ancient cultures: Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Slavic and others.


Like the Roman goddess Kura, who sculpted the first man out of clay, the artist uses her hands to create a ritual ceramic sculpture. Magical objects help to overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation (Self-shells), connect with the divine and unleash your creative potential (The artist's Hand, Holy mushrooms), rethink the historical past and social relationships (the Black Zone), as well as reconsider the idea of female imagery in modern society (Shepses Ankh: a living image, Polenitsa).


For the author, the process of interaction with the sculpture is important, since they were created for ceremonial practices of complicity, and even the image of this artifact has a sacred meaning. Mystical creations find their embodiment in everyday objects used in life such as: tableware, accessories, interior items.


Thus, the artist performs the role of a kind of priestess or guide, who triggers transformational processes and transmits healing energy through special rituals and objects of worship, creating a temple space in which the service of her self is conducted.​

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