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The Artist's hand

The project is a series of ceramic objects in the form of female hands (left and right), exactly repeating the hands of the author himself, covered with velvety to the touch material of different colors.


Obvious at first glance, the name "The Artist's Hand" is in fact the fruit of a deep self-reflection of his creative path. Starting with a non-professional passion for art in youth, work in federal art museums and on the contemporary art market as an “intermediary” between the author and the public. And ending with the courage to act as a direct “actor” and the search for one’s own medium in artistic practice.


The form of ceramic sculptures refers to the “tool” of the act of creation with hands, namely clay modeling. To the process of materialization of imaginary images and allegorical constructions that are born in the mind of the author.


Flocked objects reflect the process of self-identification as an artist from the position of an external observer. Saturated colors and their combinations symbolize emotional states: from gloomy self-doubt to bright inspiration. Arranged vertically, “sprouting” from the surface, the brushes represent the growth and development of the creative path.


Thus, the project "The Artist's Hand" tells a personal story of artistic development, full of both inspiration and confusion, inviting viewers to believe in their inner creator and gain confidence in self-expression.

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